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We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality tensile structures, temporary and permanent shade structure and other fabric pagoda tents. We work for our clients at various steps ranging from Design, sail fabrication, steel fabrication and installation. Along with that we deliver post sale services too that include repairing, cleaning and maintenance of our products. Based in Delhi we provide nation-wide services to our valued customers. We have great experience in tensile structures and fabrication. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost duty and our clients are our supporters as well as promoters.


Shadeco India is known because of its dedicated team and best quality of products. We never compromise with the quality of our products. We strive to bring out quality products to our customer that gives satisfaction to our clients as well as to us. The raw materials used by us are fully tested and so we are capable of providing uncompromising quality to every project.


Shadeco India is the expert solution for the design and engineering requirements of your projects. We are the leaders in developing lightweight and classy tensile structures. With our modern and advanced software, shadeco India promises to bring the ideas come into reality.

Project Management

Shade Karigar is well qualified to tackle even the complex of designs and can take care of creative engineering requirements of the tensile structure. Known as the country’s leading innovator, we develop clear and lightweight building structures and traditional tensile ...


A tensile structure requires less maintenance as the membrane used is weather resistant and has long life span. In order to increase the life of the membrane structures and maintain its original form one must keep in mind that the fabric might not get tear, get crushed under...


After putting our best efforts in designing, engineering and fabrication of the membranes, next step is to see the final view of the tensile structures. Shadeco India has highly trained and eminent installers. Our skilled installers help in erecting these structures from the ground up.

About Tensile Structures

Tensile structures are a type of building construction that contains only tension in the elements used and there’s no bending in the material used. Tensile membrane structures mostly cover up the roofs as they are inexpensive and can beautifully cover up a large area. Tensile structures can also be used as individual buildings to specifically serve the purpose of sports, institutional, Event, mall, warehouse, sports courts, storage and exhibition and covered commercial & residential space. Tensile structures are in great demand in this century as they are economically feasible. Basically tensile structures are the ground work that carries only pressure. These are the common structures made up of very light and fine shell. As they are reasonable in price, the tensile structures are mostly used as a roof because they can cover up huge areas and looks fascinating. Tensile structures are created with the help of membranes controlled by steel cables. They are easy to pre-fabricate and contain canvas outstretched on steel cables.

Our Products

We offer a variety of high quality commercial and residential canopies, parking shades, cover walkaway, entrance canopies, auditorium, swimming pool, shade sail, courtyard covering, cantilever structures, atrium skylight shades, garden umbrella, gazebos, stage covers, shelters, shade systems designed to help you use your outdoor spaces more effectively. As professionals in designing, fabrication and installation, shadeco works in close proximity with our clients and fulfil their required designs. Having great experience increases our confidence and success rate that we keep pushing us to keep our clients happy.

Our Projects